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Press release

Construction has started on the Dašice bypass, which will connect road II/322 to D35 motorway

Prague, 09.08.2022 – The construction of the Dašice bypass, which will connect the II/322 road to the D35 motorway, was inaugurated between Dašice and Kostěnice on Monday 8 August 2022. The construction contractor is an association of Metrostav Infrastructure, Ch&T Pardubice and PORR a.s., and the construction should be completed by the end of 2023.

The construction, the investor of which is the Pardubice Region, is a bypass of Dašice and subsequently connects to the section of the D35 motorway from Časy to Ostrov (currently under construction). "We are aware that mostly local residents have been waiting for the construction for many years. We are glad that after years of work on the part of Dašice and the region itself, our machines and years of experience are finally coming into play," said Adam Přibyl on behalf of PORR.

The three-kilometre stretch of road itself is also very interesting from a technical point of view. "Even though it is only a three-kilometre section, it is a very interesting construction with many elements for us as builders. One of them is a bridge over the Loučná River, but also three roundabouts and a pedestrian underpass. Together with our colleagues, we will do our utmost to make life as easy as possible for the citizens of Dašice as well as for the drivers and to build the bypass, which is currently used by approximately 3,500 cars per day, in a high-quality and timely manner," added Richard Rakouš from Metrostav Infrastructure.

"I am very pleased that we managed to succeed in the tender for this important contract with our partners in the association. This construction will be the largest investment in the road economy of the Pardubice Region in at least the last decade. I am all the more pleased that we can face the challenge of such a demanding construction. I firmly believe that everything will go according to plan and that we will be able to meet the time requirements of the construction," said Petr Janeček on behalf of the Board of Directors of Chládek & Tintěra Pardubice.

The planned route of the relocation of the road II/322 will start before the junction with the road II/340 and will bypass the town of Dašice in the southern direction. It will cross the road II/340, road II/32246 and the river Loučná. The section will then end at the proposed roundabout where it will connect to the original road II/322.


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Jana Mašínová Press spokeswoman