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Press release

PORR to build the new site of the Supreme Audit Office

Vienna/Prague, 21.07.2020 – PORR has been entrusted with realising the new office building of the Supreme Audit Office in Prague. The contract is the first major public project in the Czech Republic to be realised in accordance with the FIDIC Yellow Book (design & build). It will simultaneously serve as a pilot project to fully utilise the trailblazing methods of Building Information Modeling (BIM). Construction is set to begin in August 2020, with completion planned in May 2022. The contract is worth approximately EUR 25m (around CZK 676m.)

Visualization of the new office building of the Supreme Audit Office in Prague


© Tomáš Zavřel

“Building Information Modeling is a key technology offering continuous value added throughout the entire construction value chain. As one of the industry’s trailblazers, we are especially pleased to be able to showcase our knowhow in the application of this highly promising approach to the digital management of projects”, said Karl-Heinz Strauss, CEO of PORR.

The basis for the project is an open procedure with bids above a certain threshold and the compulsory use of Building Information Modeling methods. Taken together, this is the most modern way of managing a public tender. PORR has been relying on Building Information Modeling for many years. BIM gives users a complete and holistic view of every relevant aspect of a project.

Another advantage: everyone involved in the project – from the awarding authority to any subcontractor – works with the same model. This means that design aspects and dimensions do not stand alone but are instead always viewed in context over the project’s entire lifecycle.

New office in the heart of Prague

The new headquarters of the Audit Office will be located in Holešovice, Prague’s former industrial quarter. Holešovice lies three kilometres northeast of the city centre on the left of the Vltava on Prague’s sweeping riverbanks and is considered one of Prague’s up-and-coming areas.

Facts and figures at a glance

Type of project:

Building construction . Office construction

Scope of services:

Design & build


Supreme Audit Office (Nejvyšší kontrolní úřad)


PORR a.s.

Project duration:

16 months

Contract volume:

around EUR 25m (approx. CZK 676m)


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