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Press release

PORR joins the leading ATX index

Vienna, 26 June 2018 – This is a day to celebrate for Austria’s oldest listed company: the PORR share has been listed on the ATX for the first time ever. Its acceptance on the leading index will facilitate higher trading liquidity and increase the appeal of the share.

The first half-year on the stock exchange concludes with a welcome development for PORR. Effective today, the share is listed on the ATX, the leading index of the Vienna stock exchange. The share was one of the best performers in Europe over the past year with a performance of +30.6%. This makes PORR one of a total of 20 stocks traded on Austria’s most important share index.

“The inclusion of the PORR share on the ATX is proof that investors and analysts value our proactive capital market
policy and our open dialogue with every stakeholder,” said Karl-Heinz Strauss, CEO of PORR AG. “We not only want to be among the best long-term as an European construction company, but also as a valuable stock option”.

At present around 46% of the 29,095,000 PORR shares have a broad international dispersion. With 53.7%, the Strauss-Ortner syndicate is the stable core shareholder with a majority stake in the Group. As of 25 June 2018 the market capitalisation stood at EUR 925.2m.

PORR can look back on almost 150 years of success on the stock market and is the oldest share on the Vienna stock exchange, first listed as far back as 1869.


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