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Press release

PORR to renovate the Barrandov Bridge, the busiest transportation structure in the Czech Republic

Prague, 22.02.2022 - PORR a.s. has signed a contract for the reconstruction of the Prague Barrandov Bridge. In the next few years the company will be responsible for the reconstruction of the busiest transport artery not only in Prague, but also in the whole country. Thanks to the maintenance work, that will continue until 2025, the bridge's lifespan will be extended by up to 30 years. The long-awaited reconstruction should begin this spring.

"We realize that the work on the bridge will bring traffic restrictions for drivers, but the structure has not been renovated in decades and its maintenance is absolutely necessary, in order to avoid any possible tragedy, such as the collapse of bridges in Genoa, Italy, or Pittsburgh, USA, a few weeks ago," explained Martin Ředina, Director of Bridge Construction division at PORR a.s. He added that traffic restrictions throughout the construction period will last only 376 days instead of the originally planned 610 days.

The repair of the bridge takes place in two stages. In the first stage, remediation of the lower part of the structure was carried out. This phase minimally affected traffic. Drivers will be more restricted in the second stage, that is about to start soon. There are four traffic lanes in each direction on the bridge and throughout the repairs, three lanes will be open to drivers in each direction. The bridge will therefore never be completely closed. Traffic restrictions will last 110 days in 2022, 92 days in 2023 and 2024, and 82 days in 2025.

The reconstruction will include the removal of the upper carriageway layer down to the supporting structure. The structure will then receive both new waterproof insulation to prevent the bridge from leakage and completely new road layers. During the repairs, PORR will also reinject the original prestressing cables, perform a full remediation of the concrete structures and replace the bridge bearings and expansion joints. Additional prestressing cables will provide reinforcement to the bridge structure. All of this will ensure driver safety for the next several decades.

The Barrandov Bridge is more than 340 metres long with two footpaths and eight traffic lanes and connects Prague districts 4 and 5. The structure, built in the 1980s, has been in poor technical condition for a long time. Its four-year reconstruction is set to begin in May.

Facts and figures at a glance

Type of project: Second stage of the Barrandov Bridge reconstruction
Scope of services: Reconstruction
Client: Technická správa komunikací hl. m. Prahy (Technical road administration, City of Prague)
Contractor: PORR a.s.
Service period: 2022-2026 (contractual construction period)
Budget: CZK 594 million (EUR 24,4 milion)

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