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Press release

Thomas Stiegler nominated for seat on PORR Executive Board

Vienna, 03.12.2018 –The Nomination Committee of the Supervisory Board has today nominated Thomas Stiegler as an additional member of the Executive Board of PORR AG. Stiegler will hold responsibility on the Executive Board for Business Unit 3 – International. The requisite resolutions are set to be passed in the Supervisory Board meeting on 6 December 2018.

After graduating in Business Administration, Thomas Stiegler worked at the audit company KPMG, before embarking on his international career in 1993 at Bilfinger Berger AG (today: Bilfinger SE). Until 2010 he held various management positions in the international construction business in Asia, Europe, the MENA region and North America.

From 2010 Thomas Stiegler worked as a Managing Director for Business Unit 3 – International at PORR Bau GmbH and played a significant role in establishing construction activities in Qatar – including the construction of the metro in Doha (EUR 1.9bn) and the World Cup stadium “Al Wakhra”. In addition to the Arab region, Stiegler is responsible for the Group’s activities in Eastern and Northern Europe.

“The decision by the Supervisory Board committee to nominate Thomas Stiegler, an internationally renowned top manager and construction industry aficionado, to sit on the PORR Executive Board is easy to understand in light of our strategic focus: We want to continue to strengthen our home markets and our international business. With his decades of experience and exceptional success on the international stage, Thomas Stiegler is the perfect man for the job,” said Karl-Heinz Strauss, CEO of PORR AG, expressing approval of his future Board colleague. “Over the past eight years I have come to know and appreciate Thomas Stiegler as a strategist, lateral thinker and decision-maker who never takes his eye off the needs of the operating business. I welcome the opportunity to work even more closely with him in the future.”


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