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Classic 7

Photo: two building sections connected by a glassed building section; a tower-like extension above the last upper floor
Facts and Figures
Company PORR a.s.
PrincipalNofim Czech Republic s.r.o.
LocationPrague - Czech Republic
Type Office
Runtime11.2006 - 08.2008

Connecting old with new.

PORR converted the site of a former steam mill in the Prague district of Holešovice into a multi-functional business centre. This project involved the renovation of two heritage-listed buildings and their connection by means of a modern glass-covered building. The aim of this unique project was the harmonious amalgamation of old industrial architecture with modern construction technology. The result was a special and extraordinarily timeless property.

The successful renovation project featured in the prestigious “Bau des Jahres 2009” (“Building of the Year”) competition and won first prize in the “Best of Realty 2009” contest in the category of office conversions.

The conversion works on the site and building began in December 2006. The project was completed in September 2008, with operations starting right away. A gross floor area of around 30,000m2 and more than 200 parking spaces were constructed in the course of the project.

The complex offers resident companies modern, flexible offices in a historic ambience. Staff members have access to a restaurant as well as a recreation area containing green spaces with comfortable bench seating and fountains.