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Premium Plaza

Facts and Figures
Company PORR a.s.
Principal RE Moskevská s.r.o.
Location Karlovy Vary - Czech Republic
Type Office buildings, Building certification
Runtime 12.2011 - 07.2013

A multi-functional office building with LEED Platinum certification.

Near the end of 2010, Strauss & Partner decided to erect a seven-storey office building with underground parking in the centre of Karlovy Vary. PORR was the main contractor for this project. PORR affiliate UBM Bohemia was contracted for the technical site supervision.

Despite logistical difficulties during the start phase, the project was ultimately completed to the satisfaction of all participants. Owing to objections by the adjacent district court, the original foundation concept had to be redesigned and the planned angled piles were replaced with a pile wall construction. PORR commenced preparation works at the beginning of 2011, including the laying of a sewage system across the site and the attachment of all necessary connections to the infrastructure. All tasks were completed without difficulty - with the exception of cutting across a sewerage main that was not marked on the outdated plans. Further objections from another neighbour also had to be addressed before Strauss & Partner were finally able to begin actual construction works at the end of 2011. This construction scheme in the city centre of Karlovy Vary presented certain logistical challenges, but these were successfully met and mastered. Even traffic delays due to heavy construction machinery were kept to a minimum through good coordination with subcontractors.

The newly-constructed office building blends harmoniously into the historic city district and is well-matched to adjacent buildings, including the historic courthouse and municipal offices. This is in large part due to the ceramic slabs of the façade cladding, which resemble sandstone. The ground floor and first floor, as well as sections of the second floor, currently house the offices of a bank. The third to the slightly set-back sixth floors contain additional, flexibly designed office spaces.