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Intelligent growth for sustainable success.

PORR deliberately focuses on its core competency: construction. Our goal is to provide as many services as possible from within the company itself. 

On the basis of our strategy of consistent growth, we have significantly strengthened our market position in recent years. Moreover, our collaboration with all key personnel across the PORR Group enables us to offer our customers a full service, from building construction and civil engineering to infrastructure construction and specialist civil engineering. 

We promote entrepreneurial action and teamwork. Clear responsibilities, lean, flexible structures, transparent leadership and rapid decision-making processes are additional key factors in our success. We also focus intensively on the future key issues of the construction sector: digitalisation and innovation. This makes us a dynamic company with strong growth potential.

Digitalisation: PORR is right on track for paperless construction sites.

Digitalisation has also come to the construction industry. Countries such as Great Britain and the Scandinavian countries are leading the way. At PORR we are well equipped in terms of digitalisation and we are a trailblazer in Austria.

For many years we have been working intensively on the topics of the future such as Building Information Modeling (BiM), paperless construction sites and the new world of work. The reason for this is plain to see: new technologies allow us to realise construction projects more quickly, more efficiently, more cost-effectively and, above all, more transparently. 

Under the motto Roadmap 2020, PORR is currently involved in a comprehensive project for process optimisation. In future all of the processes in PORR will be digitalised as far as possible; the majority will be paperless, thereby increasing efficiency. This will allow us to use our resources in an even more targeted way for our core business.

We are committed to knowhow transfer.

Innovation involves exploiting the full potential from a range of different perspectives. This is why PORR works closely with partners from the worlds of science and research on all of its home markets. Here we focus on long-term cooperation. Most often we are involved in multiyear projects for developing complex, technical processes in civil and structural engineering as well as for conserving resources.

Innovation permeates everything we do.

Innovation is what makes the difference. It yields competitive advantages. Innovation has played a central role at PORR from its very beginnings: as far back as the start of the 20th century, the inventions of the civil engineer and company’s namesake – Arthur Porr – led to a significant breakthrough in concrete construction.

Today the passion for innovation at PORR permeates everything we do and drives us forward everyday: every single PORRian is responsible for innovation. Their new ideas and creative concepts make PORR fit for the future. This is why we have established a central contact point at PORR: the “Technology Management and Innovation” department. It offers advice and support to our employees from the operating business.

The digital construction site: where design becomes reality.

At PORR we do not only think in three-dimensional terms with our BiM. We have recently implemented a 5D design system: the fourth dimension refers to the time aspect and the fifth is the costs. This leads to cost-savings, minimising errors, shorter decision-making phases, and a better flow of information. This benefits everyone involved in the project: our clients, our partners – and naturally us ourselves.

As we can see, investing in the future today really pays off.