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Building certification

Economic efficiency and accountability.

Independent certificates reveal a great deal about the value of a building, and underscore the client’s sense of responsibility. PORR advises its customers on all matters of building certification, whether from the LEED or the DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council). It is not just a certificate for the completed building that matters in this context. The aim is to minimise the damage to the environment that may occur in the course of a construction project.

PORR’s services in this area begin at the project planning stage and finish with the efficient long-term management of a project. In most cases, this serves to improve both environmental protection and profitability, for example through reduced energy usage. PORR uses its many years of experience in the area of sustainable building operation to make an important contribution to the economic viability of a project, and thus also takes its responsibility to the environment and the community seriously.

Selected projects.