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Committed teams secure our success.

Construction is a people business. Dedicated teams secure our success. Entrepreneurial thinking is becoming ever more important. We are ideally equipped for the future with our management team, a team that encourages every PORRian to contribute and play a proactive role in shaping PORR.

CEO and member of the Management Board Dušan Čížek
CFO and Chairman of the Board Martin Hanáček
Member of the Management Board Antonín Daňa
Member of the Management Board Pavel Zuzula

Dušan Čížek, CEO and member of the Management Board of PORR a.s. 

After completing his studies Dušan Čížek started a carreer in the banking sector. In 1998, he switched to manufacturing sector, starting as financial manager and succeeding as general manager of international companies. In 2007 he was appointed general manager of the construction company BAK a.s. Since June 2018 Dušan Čížek has been responsible as a member of the Board of Directors of PORR a.s. for the area of civil engineering and since March 2023 he has held the position of CEO and member of the Board of Directors.

Martin Hanáček, CFO, Chairman of the Board of PORR a.s.

Martin Hanáček, a graduate from the University of Economics in Bratislava, a chartered accountant (ACCA) as well as MBA graduate from the IE University in Madrid, is responsible for the financial and commercial agenda of PORR a.s. He started his career as an auditor and M&A consultant at PWC. His consulting career was followed by senior management positions in multinational publicly traded companies in the paper and chemical industries, where he gained considerable experience and competence thanks to the successful management of the financial functions in a global context. PORR benefits from his extensive expertise and skills gained during its international career. 

Antonín Daňa, member of the Management Board of PORR a.s.

On completion of his studies in Traffic Infrastructure and Bridge Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences for Transportation Infrastructure in Žilina, Antonín Daňa began his professional career as a plant foreman at PSVS, now PORR a.s. This was followed by appointments as assistant technical production manager, plant manager, vice chairman of the Management Board and production manager, and ultimately chairman of the Management Board of PSVS. Since 2012, Antonín Daňa has been the member of the Management Board responsible for civil engineering at PORR a.s.

Pavel Zuzula, member of the Management Board of PORR a.s.

Pavel Zuzula graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. He successfully started his professional career as a construction manager abroad. Over the next nine years, he gained global professional experience in the field of project management at a Japanese construction giant. He has worked for international companies in Slovakia, Bulgaria, Sri Lanka and Qatar. Since 2019, he has been CEO of PORR s.r.o. in Slovakia. In February 2021, Pavel Zuzula took over the management the Infrastucture division (Large-scale projects, Railway construction, Bridges etc.) as a board member of PORR a.s.