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Health & Safety

A clear goal: zero injuries.

PORR places particular emphasis on continuous accident avoidance and safe operation on our construction sites. This is why we have defined strict standards in our Group guidelines. Every PORR employee is aware of these: from day one, they are committed to our quality and safety guidelines.

The agreements and principles of occupational safety are firmly anchored in both the work regulations and the code of ethics. The Code defines the high importance of the topic of safety in the company, the importance of education and further development in this area and that we publicly commit ourselves to the care of a safe and healthy working environment.

Our long-term Group goal is: zero accidents. To achieve this, we have aligned our organisation to this. We have linked the expertise of our safety engineers from the individual business units and brought them together across the Group. The "occupational safety" team is in personal contact with the responsible persons on our construction sites on a daily basis.

At the same time, our top management sets quarterly key themes to ensure that the importance of occupational safety is always firmly anchored in the minds of all our PORRs. For example, the "Safety Walk" - a safety check carried out by our management during their visits to the construction sites - has been introduced as a convenient tool to avoid accidents.

Of course, we support our organizational units if they want to take additional measures to reduce injuries. Targeted training measures contribute to reducing the frequency of accidents and continuously improving workplace safety.