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How to clean the railroad tracks (VIDEO)

Cleaning of the track bed belongs to the basic maintenance of the railway superstructure. As a result of track operation, it is gradually contaminated by fine debris, which is formed due to the high contact stress between the gravel grains by mechanical damage from traffic loading on the track. Other significant contamination of the track bed is caused by the dropping of fine particles of freight or by vegetation growth.

As a consequence of these effects, the permeability of the bed deteriorates, it loses its geotechnical properties and, last but not least, the geometric parameters of the track deteriorate, which can lead to impaired traffic safety and driving comfort. In order to eliminate the consequences of bed silting, it is important to clean the bed at regular intervals.

You can see how such cleaning of the track bed is carried out in our video. A team of technicians and track workers cleaned the track in the section Chotětov - Mladá Boleslav with the help of the gravel cleaning machine RM 080.