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Unique relocation of a chapel

PORR is assigned with the construction work for the Smiřice - Jaroměř section of the D11 motorway in the Czech Republic. The civil engineering project was one of the largest contracts for PORR in 2017. Today, the D11 motorway is part of the European route E67 "Via Baltica" and runs from Prague to Helsinki via Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Among other works we are currently relocating a chapel as part of the motorway construction project. Relocations like that do not happen very often in connection with motorway constructions. That is why this scope of work is very special for us. Since nobody claimed its ownership, the city of Jaroměř will be the owner in the future.

Although the chapel is not considered a cultural monument, we have coordinated all the necessary works for the relocation with the Institute of Monuments in Josefov. Not at least because of our 150 years of experience, we appreciate the importance of buildings constructed by earlier generations.