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PORR a.s. realizes suspended ceiling slab from reinforced concrete

With the construction of the new administration building of České přístavy (English: Czech harbour), PORR is daring to tackle an unusual architectural feature. We owe the successful completion in particular to our team, consisting of the department of monolithic in-situ concrete constructions in cooperation with colleagues from the construction site.

Due to our geographical location and the resulting relatively cold climate, it is usually necessary to equip buildings with appropriate thermal insulation. Therefore exposed concrete on facades is relatively rare. However, this was not the case with the construction project of the České přístavy.

There we used around 357m2 of suspended exposed concrete ceilings, the construction of which we in turn suspended on another 400mm thick load-bearing slab. We separated the load-bearing ceiling slab from the suspended exposed concrete slab with a 250mm thick thermal insulation.

The load-bearing ceiling slab on the west side of the building is supported by the building stiffening wall. Six inclined and three vertical reinforced concrete pillars support the remaining area. The resulting space serves as a parking space directly under the building.