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Velký rybník waterworks wins special prize at Water Management Prize 2018

The project " Velky rybnik waterworks", which translates literally to “Big Pond waterworks” rehabilitated the bottom outlet of the historical water reservoir. PORR won special prize for this work as part of the 2018 Water Management Award.

This event was tendered by the Water Management Association of the Czech Republic. Furthermore, it was held under the patronage of the Minister of Agriculture Miroslav Toman and the Minister of Environmental Protection Richard Brabec in cooperation with the Association of Water and Wastewater Resorts of the Czech Republic, Sdružení odboru vodovodů a kanalizací ČR, z.s.

The reservoir is located near the historical town of Kutná Hora. It was mentioned in writing as early as 1850. Even today, the reservoir covers an area of 7.3 hectares and has a capacity of 299 thousand cubic metres. The subject of our construction work was mainly the renovation of the left bottom outlet from 1923. Parallel to this, we built a tower object with a round ground plan for the bottom outlets on the water side of the pond dam.

The results of the competition were announced at a ceremony followed by the award ceremony on March 22nd 2019 as part of the conference of water economists on the occasion of the World Water Day. Jiří Šára, Director of the Water Management Works, accepted the award on behalf of PORR.