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Press release

PORR will start the 2nd stage of reconstruction of the Barrandov Bridge on Monday, 15 May

Prague, 12 May 2023 - After the weekend, on Monday 15 May, we will start the 2nd stage of the reconstruction of the Barrandov Bridge. Over the next 92 days, we will repair the northern part of the southern bridge and repair the Barrandovská ramp. The complete reconstruction of the bridge is divided into 4 stages. The upcoming 2nd stage is considered the most challenging in terms of traffic restrictions.

Following the successful completion of Stage 1 in October 2022, non-traffic-restricting works were carried out on the bridge and in spring this year preparatory works for the start of Stage 2, including the construction of a split at the exit to Modřanská Street.  On the weekend of 13 and 14 May, the installation of temporary traffic signs will begin. On the morning of Monday 15 May, workers will start the first day of Phase 2 of the reconstruction by milling the road surface, removing bollards, guardrails and demolishing bridge ledges, which will be fully replaced with new ones.

Reconstruction of the northern half of the southern bridge

The reconstruction of the north half of the south bridge will follow the same plan and schedule as the south half of the south bridge. We will begin by removing the abutments and guardrails and removing the upper pavement layer down to the bridge superstructure. This will be followed by the laying of the bridge deck leveling layer, new waterproofing, concrete cornices and reinforcement of the structure with additional prestressing cables. At the same time, the original prestressing cables will be reinjected. The bridge bearings and bridge expansion joints will be completely replaced. Finally, the asphalt overlay and installation of guardrails and guardrails and installation of horizontal and vertical road markings will take place.

Barrandovská ramp

The dismantling of the guardrails and railings and the milling of the road surface will also start the reconstruction of the Barrandovská ramp, which will be completely closed to traffic. After milling the roadway, we will probe the prestressing cables located in the supporting structure to determine their current condition. Depending on the results of this survey, a decision will be made on the next course of action. At the same time, we will excavate behind the abutments OP1 and OP5 of the Barrandov Ramp, which require partial demolition and construction of new abutments due to their poor technical condition. The road will then be covered with a concrete levelling layer, a waterproofing layer, concreting of ledges, laying of an asphalt layer and finally installation of bollards and railings. Replacement of bearings and bridge gates is an integral part of the reconstruction of this connection.

"After the successful completion of Phase 1, we already have a more realistic idea of what deviations from the original tender documentation we can expect during Phase 2. Nevertheless, even during this stage we cannot rule out further irregularities and unforeseen circumstances that can be part of any such challenging reconstruction. We are again ready to look for the best and fastest possible solutions to such deviations and irregularities in order to deliver the bridge to the client and especially to the drivers on time and in a quality that meets the contractual conditions and the latest safety standards," said Martin Ředina, Director of the Bridge Construction Area at PORR, the company responsible for the repair of the Barrandov Bridge.

According to the plan, PORR envisages a total of four construction phases (the first of which was implemented in 2022). The number of days when traffic will be restricted is gradually being reduced. In 2024, as this year, the closures will last 92 days, and in 2025 only 82 days. The bridge will never be completely closed to traffic; drivers will always be able to use three lanes in each direction. Up-to-date information on the reconstruction is available at



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Jana Mašínová Press spokeswoman