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Facts and Figures
Company PORR a.s.
Principal PBW GROUP spol. s r.o.
Location Prague - Czech Republic
Type Office
Runtime 08.2014 - 03.2015

High-quality building with a fixed framework.

The multi-functional AEROHOUSE property is located in Šaldova Street in the Prague district of Karlín. The execution of this project involved adding storeys to an existing building as well as a new construction in the inner courtyard. Originally, in 1934, this building served as a shop with its own storage areas. Today it offers modern and variable accommodations to its tenants.

For this project PORR was responsible for the execution of the structural work in reinforced concrete construction. The construction scheme included a new construction with a basement floor and six upper floors in the inner courtyard of the existing building. This new construction was built on shallow foundations on the floor slab, which rests on high-pressure soil stabilisation piles. PORR realised the construction of this basement floor as a white tank construction. Another element of the new construction is an external staircase made from exposed concrete with PB2 surface quality.

The existing property also gained a two-storey extension. The increased load necessitated reinforcement work on the basement floor structure and extensions to the staircase area.

The particular challenges of this project included not only sensitive handling of the historic structure, but also the extremely restricted space available on the construction site, which created difficulties for construction site logistics, as well as for the shunting of mobile cranes and concrete pumps.