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Spořilovská city ring-road exit

Photo: aerial view of a multi-lane road; on the right, the new exit; further right, a railway line among trees; large city in the background
Facts and Figures
Company PORR a.s.
PrincipalTechnická správa komunikací hl. m. Prahy, a.s.
LocationPrague - Czech Republic
Type Road construction
Runtime10.2016 - 08.2017

Improving traffic in the capital city.

The new exit ramp from Prague's southern ring-road is located near the Záběhlice intersection in the direction of Prague-Bohdalec. It runs between the roadway to one side and a tram line and the Prague-Krč–Prague-Vršovice rail line on the other side, finally emerging in Chodovská Street.

Works in the narrow space available between the tram and railway lines presented certain logistical challenges, as both the hot-water pipeline and gas mains had to be laid over the new exit and the tram line.