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Zátaví bridges

Facts and Figures
Company PORR a.s.
Principal Jihočeský kraj
Location Písek–Kestřany - Czech Republic
Type Bridge construction
Runtime 04.2016 - 05.2017

Renewal of bridges over the Otava River.

This project involved the renewal of two road bridges across the Otava River in Zátaví, near the town of Písek. PORR completed comprehensive reconstruction works on the bridges in the course of this project. The original bridge was built in 1927, and was in poor condition. Accordingly, the whole structure was in need of renovation. A timeframe of just one year was allocated for the Abbruch des alten Brückenbauwerks  and the construction of a new bridge measuring around 90m long.

The bridge reconstruction was executed with the help of falsework structures. This environmentally friendly solution affected the flow of the river only slightly. It was crucial to retain the bridge’s original character: a historic structure, it lay right on the demarcation line after the Second World War. In order to preserve this historic character, the PORR team utilised, among other features, a hand-crafted cyclopean masonry technique.

This project was particularly demanding from a technical perspective, not least on account of this aspect, but also as works had to be carried out high above the river and many different technologies had to be applied.