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Zbraslav family terraced houses

Facts and Figures
Company PORR a.s.
Principal DOB Invest a.s.
Location Prague - Czech Republic
Type Residential construction
Runtime 08.2011 - 07.2012

Family terraced houses in a peaceful environment.

This project incorporated the erection of ten family terraced houses with connections to the utility networks in the Prague district of Zbraslav. Owing to the geological conditions, the houses were constructed on strip foundations made from unreinforced concrete. The land falls away steeply near house no. 9, necessitating the use of steel-reinforced strip foundations.

For acoustic reasons, all vertical building components were executed either with sand-lime bricks or as steel-reinforced in-situ concrete constructions. The timber window and door panels were set with triple panes of heat-retaining glass. The houses were also equipped with pre-fabricated aluminium slat sun protection. The exterior façade of the ground floor comprises a heat retention system with a reinforcement layer. The façade of the first floor was clad with light, 19mm thick larch wood planks. The roof over the first floor, and above the garage on the ground floor, is a single-leaf flat roof. Warm water and underfloor heating is provided by heat pumps installed in front of each house.

On the western edge of the site, facing the main road, a 4m high sound insulation wall was constructed from steel beams with 1m high pre-fabricated exposed concrete filled panels. The upper part of the sound insulation wall consists of Plexiglass sheets.