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We can make bridges - reconstruct and buid... road and railroad!

Representatives of the contracting authority - Správa železnic (The Railway Administration) - and the media and regional news media could see it for themselves during June's installation of the railway bridge on the reconstructed railway line Uničov-Libina / Libina - Šumperk.


On June 21, one of the bridges on this railroad line was installed near Šumperk. This bridge consists of 2 steel structures weighing 50 and 40 tonnes, which were delivered to the site in the morning hours. In the course of the morning, both parts were placed on the concrete abutments using a 200 t crane, on which the bearing blocks were also concreted and the bearings placed.

The precise settlement of the structure was closely monitored and controlled throughout the event by the staff of the Gefos surveying company.

After the precise and essentially millimetre-accurate settlement, a complete comparison of the two parts followed, and then an acceptance of the structure in the installation position took place in the presence of the investor. Only then was it possible to start the welding work, which will take a total of 7-10 days.

The new bridge will be wider and longer, and the gravel bed will allow for quieter trains and easier maintenance.

In order to increase the underpass height under the bridge, the road under the bridge needs to be deepened. As the chief construction manager, David Režnar, said: 'We will not make the tracks uphill. But the original road will be graded, by about 90 cm, which will increase the underpass height to 4.5 m."

But this bridge is not the only one he is responsible for. "We are currently working on three other smaller bridges throughout the section. We will soon start work on the fourth and three other culverts. By autumn we should have all the structures completed so that our colleagues from the Railway Construction Plant can smoothly continue work on the railway substructure and superstructure," adds Režnar.

We keep our fingers crossed for all drivers travelling on the road leading to nearby Hraběšice that the underpass will be successfully put into operation as planned - during August this year, and for all passengers that the entire line will soon be back in service to their full satisfaction and for safer and faster transport.