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PORR gets top score in international climate rating

Vienna, 24.01.2022 – The internationally renowned climate rating provider behind the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) has awarded PORR a top score. The Group made an impression with its strategy for energy efficiency and reducing emissions. In the Climate Change category, CDP awarded PORR an “A-”, elevating the company to the “Leadership” band.

More than 13,000 companies worldwide took part in this year’s rating by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). In this challenging environment, PORR AG managed to get a top score of A- for the first time, in the category Climate Change, thereby entering the “Leadership” band. This establishes PORR as a best-practice company, one which acts as role model in issues of sustainability.

“We are especially pleased to have achieved exceptionally high scores not only when compared to international peers in the construction sector, but also when compared to all participating companies regardless of sector, from Europe and worldwide”, said PORR CEO Karl-Heinz Strauss. PORR also participated in the Water category – for the first time this year – and scored a B right out of the gate.

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is a not-for-profit charity that provides a global reporting system for investors, companies, cities, countries and regions to measure their environmental impact. This serves as a basis for a future with an intact climate, free of deforestation and with safe water for all. In the meantime, the CDP has built up the world’s largest database on these topics.

Climate protection is anchored in strategy

“This rating confirms we are on the right path with our climate strategy”, said CEO Strauss. “Our focus is on using energy and resources efficiently and on reducing emissions. We achieve this by utilising closed resource cycles, renewable energy and digital building models”. For example, in 2020, PORR was able to increase the amount of self-generated energy by 114 percent to 337 MWh within a single year. There was also a significant increase in the amount of recycled material used, rising by 7,586 tonnes. The stated target of reducing overall emissions by 7.5 percent by 2020 versus 2015 was met and even surpassed.

When purchasing construction machinery, the PORR Group buys next-generation equipment with a focus on alternative drives and energies. Equipment and fleet management is centrally controlled. Old production facilities are continuously upgraded and construction site logistics are optimised – to drive up energy efficiency on the one hand while reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) on the other.

With the buildings it erects, PORR not only focuses on the construction method itself but also on maintaining the lowest possible carbon footprint throughout the building’s entire lifecycle. One particularly sustainable building is under construction by PORR in Düsseldorf’s Media Harbour. The Cradle is a recyclable wood-hybrid building. The building involves a wood-concrete construction with a facade made of wood and glass and a stairwell made of recycled concrete. Almost all of the material can be recycled after use.

All PORR sites are certified to the management system ISO 14001, with all sites in Austria meeting the additional requirements for ISO 50001 certification, whereby PORR also meets high standards in terms of environmental and climate protection. Construction techniques that conserve water are on the Group’s agenda, along with increasing water efficiency in the construction phase. Progress made on the climate strategy is reviewed regularly with adjustments made as required.

Incentive for additional measures

Strauss sees this year’s CDP rating as an incentive for further honing the environmental and climate protection strategy. “For 2022 we are planning additional construction projects that are sustainable and future-proof, projects that will set new benchmarks for the future”, said Strauss. “We see this as an important remit. The intense consumption of resources means that the construction and real estate industry has a key responsibility to protect the environment”.

Further information can be found on our webpages on Climate Strategy and Water Policy and Sustainability Ratings.


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Jana Mašínová Press spokeswoman