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DOB Centrum

Facts and Figures
Company PORR a.s.
Location Dobřichovice - Czech Republic
Type Residential construction
Runtime 08.2013 - 02.2015

Residential living in an attractive environment.

This project encompassed the remediation of the DOB Centrum area and a new construction on the site. The residential complex features underground parking, a ballroom, a wellness area and service and sales areas. The ground floor apartments are intended for senior residents. PORR completed a total of five building sections in the course of this project.

The first basement floor of newly constructed Buildings G, H and I - containing the technical systems and underground car park - was constructed in reinforced concrete. The upper floors were executed as a Porotherm brick wall system. Reinforced concrete slabs without roof bearers were chosen for the roof construction of the upper floors. The exterior walls contain a reinforcing collar which also serves as a window lintel. The property was roofed with an offset reinforced concrete slab. Building O, which was partially renovated and also involved some new construction, was also completed in a Porotherm brick wall system. In the basement floor, however, the original brick walls with their load-bearing vault construction were preserved. No ceiling construction was implemented above the first upper floor, and this remained open to the timber roof truss of the double-pitch roof.

In contrast, the new construction of Building J was designed as a reinforced concrete column system. These columns are round in cross-section in the basement floor and square in the upper floors. The roof construction above the basement floor and upper floors, like that of the other building sections, consists of a reinforced concrete slab without roof bearers. The sections of outer wall without windows instead contain a buttressed fascia bearer. The reinforced concrete slab roofing is buttressed from the outer walls by this fascia bearer.