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Primary art school Velešín

Facts and Figures
Company PORR a.s.
Principal Primary art school Velešín
Location Velešín - Czech Republic
Type Public buildings
Runtime 05.2018 - 08.2019

Art school with a special heart.

In Velešín, PORR was awarded the contract for the construction of a primary art school. The ground plan of the building with 14 car parking spaces is a stepped quadrangle and the heart of the building is a multi-purpose hall for 144 people.

Whoever stands in the centre of the two-storey building without a basement is in the middle of the entrance hall. Anodised aluminium was used for the roofing of the entrance hall. The double glass panes of the post and beam construction provide the necessary security.

Through the main entrance one enters the two-storey entrance hall with the staircase and a wide corridor that connects the existing building with the newly designed extension. In the existing part of the building there are classrooms for fine arts and music, as well as computer graphics and a ceramics workspace including an oven, cleaning rooms, sanitary facilities and changing rooms for all pupils. In order to facilitate access to the roof, we have extended the main staircase to the roof level.

A barrier-free elevator has been installed in the northern area. The eastern part consists of storage rooms, music classrooms, the management office, the secretary of the primary school, a teachers' room with a tea kitchen, an archive and sanitary facilities for teachers.

In the western part there is a multi-purpose hall with a stage, storage and technical rooms as well as other sanitary facilities, building services rooms and a room with anteroom and shower.