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Vinohradská–Želivského tram line

Photo: roadway with track system in the middle, embedded in the asphalt layer and equipped with ballast and visible raised sections; to the left and right, two lanes for passenger vehicle traffic; houses and a tramway in the background
Facts and Figures
Company PORR a.s. (former PSVS a.s.)
PrincipalDopravní podnik hl. m. Prahy, a.s., represented by IDS a.s.
LocationPrague - Czech Republic
Type Rail construction
Runtime08.2012 - 10.2012

A secure foundation for Prague's tram system.

The comprehensive renovation of the Vinohradská Street tram line (Želivského–U Vinohradského hřbitova section) in the Prague 3 municipal district initially required drainage works on the line. The prior installation of DN 200 ceramic pipes proved to be essential for this process. This stage was implemented alongside the execution of appropriate shafts and the adaptation of contact lines and accessories.

The supply and installation scope of the project encompassed the processes of laying grooved tracks on the raised concrete, performing earthworks, compacting the levelled earth surface, laying geotextile fabrics and installing electrical controls. The installation of heating for the platform switches and the laying of utility lines for low-voltage cables also numbered among the tasks involved.

In addition, PORR installed traffic lights and laid cables and low voltage cables. In parallel with these comprehensive works, a paved pavement and island platform were constructed and the melted asphalt surface layers of the pavement and track system were applied.